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The RYCH Emergency Fund has now exceeded our first $100,000!  Praise God!  Thank you to all of you who have sacrificially given to make this possible.  We are incredibly grateful for your contributions to continue the mission of Tekoa.  

This place called Tekoa… is home.  It is the place where our faith has been formed. Where we learned to sing the Wesley Grace and Johnny Appleseed.  The place where we walked in the woods and made hoboes over red pine coals. It’s the place where you met your spouse, brought your children for their first mini-camp and watched them grow to serve on staff.  

This place is sanctuary.  It is sacred. 

These are the waters where your learned to swim. Where you swamped canoes.  Where you were baptized. This is the mountaintop where you heard the songs echo across the lake. Where you tasted your first S’more.  Where you felt God move in your life. This is where you heard the call.  The call to serve. The call to give your life. 

The call to raise your candle high.

Camp Tekoa just celebrated 70 years of ministry. It has been a vibrant member of this faith community and has enjoyed your trust and support. Because of your generosity over the years, and the good stewardship of camp leaders, the camp has been financially healthy for a long time. This year we have been able to continue to operate in spite of the cancellation of our spring schedule. However, with the loss of summer revenue, upwards of $1,250,000.00, we anticipate the impact to our ministries will be significant. While some of the summer expenses will not be incurred, that revenue sustains the year- round, fixed costs that make camp possible. We ask that you join us in prayer as we work through this difficult and unprecedented time. In honor of a cherished Tekoa tradition we are announcing the “Raise Your Candle High” Emergency
Fund. Donations to this fund will support the camps during the current crisis, and help insure the future of the life-altering Christ-centered experiences that take place on our grounds. Thank you for considering how you might help at this important time.

Tekoa has given us all so much.  It has made us who we are today.  Will you ensure that the ministry of the past 70 years will be extended another 70 years and beyond? We have stood shoulder to shoulder at candlelight on warm summer nights and lifted our candles into the night sky.  Will you stand with us now as we raise our candles high?  


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