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We are now offering families a chance to get away together

Family Camp

Day Camp for Elementary, Middle School, High School and MS Survivor.

Day Camp 2020!

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Our program is designed for small group interaction. We have a ratio of 6-7 boys or girls per male or female Family Group Leader, respectively. One boys group and one girls group make up a Family Group, and all camp activities are done in family groups. Assignments rotate weekly. Each Family Group Leader will have the opportunity to work with Elementary and Middle School campers and may also be assigned to work as Support Staff in the kitchen, store, arts & crafts, or as a lifeguard. Our Senior Staff are eligible to work as a High School Family Group Leader if they have completed their college sophomore year.

Support Staff including Resource Staff, and Adventure Team are assigned daily and weekly leadership roles based on the camp program schedule. Most Support staff work with multiple family groups and age groups throughout the week.

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